hair-uhi (a sort of rant? XD)

So, recently there was a new ASOS video. I didn’t like the old ASOS, and I wasn’t extremely fond of this ASOS, but like the original, I don’t hate it or anything. Actually, the singing was pretty nice. :D

But one thing that bugged me… why can’t Haruhi cosplayers get the hair right! So often when I see someone cosplay Haruhi, they always have their hair like this! You’ve got to put bits of hair in front of the ribbons. :|

Do it like this! :(

Looking at Coscom, there are a good amount of people who have done it properly though. :)

…also, Koto, hurry up and release Mio!! D: I’m sick of waiting.

(and, one more thing, Chu-Bra gets sillier by the second. :D I can’t wait for the rest…)

3 Responses

  1. Wow. :)
    I would have NEVER noticed this. Thanks for pointing this out.

  2. I get annoyed when I see cosplayers doing it wrong too. However, I did see one girl at a convention that got everything down perfectly.

    • Yeah, it’s always nice when cosplayers get all the small details correct.

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