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nadesico DVD
February 23, 2010

The pictures in this post disappeared… except one. :(

Finally I have it! Nadesico on DVD. :D I watched this series back in November, and I really enjoyed it. My current obsession right now, I just hope it doesn’t turn out like Geass or Haruhi, where I really really loved it, but now I don’t like it as much (btw Geass Knight/Queen anthologies are getting English releases! Might get ‘cos I love the SuzaLulu cover)… so I hope that my love for Nadesico can be like my love for Di Gi Charat, my all time most favourite anime ever~ :D Then again, Di Gi Charat was the anime that made me a bigger fan, and I can’t really beat that… however, I enjoyed Nadesico at a time when I’m not really much of an anime fan anymore, so maybe it’s a good sign.

Regardless, I can’t deny, I’m obsessed with Nadesico. XD


k-on plush
February 6, 2010

…this is kind of embarassing.

‘Cos you know, I just made a K-ON post, and then I get more K-ON?

But, when I first saw these plush, I was really in love. Well, mainly that applies to Yui, because I’m not a fan of Mugi. But I like Yui, so I wanted it. I was trying to find where to order one, but I had no luck, so I looked at who ordered it at Tsuki to ask them. But I saw it was Hina Ichigo (St_Jimmy on TB, but I’m more used to them as Hina.)… Toyslogic, of course. I didn’t really trust Toyslogic, but I ordered anyway. Price was super huge, but I didn’t care that much.

Then a while later, I saw BigPfeiffer had them for preorder, so of course I switched shops. XD Obviously, I have complete trust in BigPfeiffer, I’ve bought lots of stuff from them and it’s always been great, and then there’s the price… the price for the two plush from them was LESS than one from Toyslogic. :|


mio :D
February 2, 2010

Got her… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but EMS sucks. :| ‘Cos you get taxed, and actually have to go to the post office, instead of them just leaving the box, and, uhh, yeah. :|

Seriously though, I’m regretting all my Amiami orders. SAL at Amiami is no good anyway, it’s registered so it’d be the same, except slower. Registered SAL isn’t even that cheap. I wish I could cancel stuff from Amiami, it’s really tempting to just forget about all my orders from there, and get Ruri from some place else, and pretend Touhou doesn’t even exist anymore…

…okay, on to the figure.