mio :D

Got her… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but EMS sucks. :| ‘Cos you get taxed, and actually have to go to the post office, instead of them just leaving the box, and, uhh, yeah. :|

Seriously though, I’m regretting all my Amiami orders. SAL at Amiami is no good anyway, it’s registered so it’d be the same, except slower. Registered SAL isn’t even that cheap. I wish I could cancel stuff from Amiami, it’s really tempting to just forget about all my orders from there, and get Ruri from some place else, and pretend Touhou doesn’t even exist anymore…

…okay, on to the figure.

I’m not huge on K-ON! and I definitely wasn’t a big fan of Mio, but the figures she has had made of her are a lot better than those of Yui. :( Alter’s is especially gorgeous, I can’t even look at it for that long, it’s that amazing, I’m serious. Koto’s doesn’t have that “problem”. I do feel that Alter’s is just too good. XD

Also, I’m just Koto-bu-biased. If it wasn’t made by them I probably wouldn’t have bought it.

The other main reason I bought this was for the bass. Ever since seeing Daiki’s bunny Haruhi, one of the only figures of theirs I like, I’ve wanted a figure with a guitar, and a bass is close enough. :P

Then there’s the fact that I’ve been playing guitar for a bit… five months?


Thigh Fighter! :O

I really love how the bottom of the skirt is slightly transparent… also, black thighhighs are the greatest. :D

When I first saw the blue base, I was really annoyed, but I think that in real life, it’s not so bad.

Also, I am so grateful for screw bases. I held my GSC Miku at an angle that wasn’t exactly good and there was a bit of a problem… I guess I’m too used to the screw bases, where I can hold a figure sideways, or even upside down and it’s still okay. :| Need to get some glue for Miku… another  thing to further my dislike of GSC.

One last photo… :)

5 Responses

  1. Nice Mio figure. I have to agree, black thighhighs are great.

  2. YES I agree with all your gripes about shipping! Luckily I live a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from my PO. I’ve never ordered from AmiAmi before….I tend to go with companies that offer the best deals though so I may try them when the opportunity comes.

    Haha I didn’t realize that the blue base was off from the pictures, but then I found out the advertising pics featured a clear base, which at that point I got a bit annoyed, but then I calmed down right away because I like blue. XD

    BTW, this version is Movic, not Alter. Alter made one too, but features Mio is her school uniform and blazer, with a more dynamic pose. You might get annoyed at that one since she’s not secured to the base…

    • Bases in promo photos are really annoying… XD Hardly ever do they show the actual one, it’s too bad.

      I know it’s not by Alter, I was just writing my thoughts on their’s.

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  4. it’s easy to cancel order just closed(cancel) your CC or paypal and make new one to order from other place

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