k-on plush

…this is kind of embarassing.

‘Cos you know, I just made a K-ON post, and then I get more K-ON?

But, when I first saw these plush, I was really in love. Well, mainly that applies to Yui, because I’m not a fan of Mugi. But I like Yui, so I wanted it. I was trying to find where to order one, but I had no luck, so I looked at who ordered it at Tsuki to ask them. But I saw it was Hina Ichigo (St_Jimmy on TB, but I’m more used to them as Hina.)… Toyslogic, of course. I didn’t really trust Toyslogic, but I ordered anyway. Price was super huge, but I didn’t care that much.

Then a while later, I saw BigPfeiffer had them for preorder, so of course I switched shops. XD Obviously, I have complete trust in BigPfeiffer, I’ve bought lots of stuff from them and it’s always been great, and then there’s the price… the price for the two plush from them was LESS than one from Toyslogic. :|

I have on disappointment with Yui though… her eyebrows. :|

These are a lot of fun though. XD


The mug is currently her home, although no hat. XD

That mug… first I had been using it, then I ended up putting picks in it… now Yui is in it. (the picks are still at the bottom.)

Hooray for free stuff. :3 These are tiny but so cute. Makes me think of Piyoko. XD

It’s slighly amusing to think maybe I could read this a long time ago… I used to know all of the katakana and hiragana. But, the thing is, my love of anime and really Japan in general, is a lot less than it once was. I don’t love Japan anymore than France or the U.S. or India or Korea or any other country, but in the past that wasn’t how I felt, haha… I don’t think I was ever weaboo-love-japan’s-culture-more-than-your-own, but I did have the interest in the language, where as now I don’t really care. At this point, I will say, I do prefer English dubs. XD

(although seriously, best dub ever is the French dub of Haruhi. idk why, it’s just amazing.)


5 Responses

  1. Yui. in a BRS mug. with a hat.
    Kuteness to the moe =3

  2. lol, Yui = spare basketball?
    I prefer plush toys that are big and round, but Yui and Mugi look cute too.

  3. Ah, I would love to have them decorate my room T_T I love all the girlss, but I have a soft spot for Yui~

  4. They’re…too…cute…uhuuuu! *o*

  5. I own both. I like Mugi.

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