nadesico DVD

The pictures in this post disappeared… except one. :(

Finally I have it! Nadesico on DVD. :D I watched this series back in November, and I really enjoyed it. My current obsession right now, I just hope it doesn’t turn out like Geass or Haruhi, where I really really loved it, but now I don’t like it as much (btw Geass Knight/Queen anthologies are getting English releases! Might get ‘cos I love the SuzaLulu cover)… so I hope that my love for Nadesico can be like my love for Di Gi Charat, my all time most favourite anime ever~ :D Then again, Di Gi Charat was the anime that made me a bigger fan, and I can’t really beat that… however, I enjoyed Nadesico at a time when I’m not really much of an anime fan anymore, so maybe it’s a good sign.

Regardless, I can’t deny, I’m obsessed with Nadesico. XD

Here is the other side of the box… although the first one is nice, this one definitely is the better for having Yurika on it. There is just not enough Yurika on this packaging… Ruri is on three covers and both sides of the box… one of them is cat pajamas Ruri so it’s okay though. :3

Here are all of the covers… and the rest of my anime DVD collection. It is still small, but it’s really grown. Next thing I want to own is Nurse Witch Komugi. I’d also really love to have FLCL, and the actual Evangelion TV series. Haruhi, I’ll probably never finish buying the DVDs of, because I’m not really a fan anymore, but I do have the last DVD of Taruto on the way.

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  1. Nadesico = best anime ever!
    I got the same DVD box as you sometime a year or two ago, it was expensive but worth it. Hopefully ADV will release the Nadesico Blu-Rays as well, apparently they’re coming out in Japan tomorrow ^.^

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