a trip to the post

Could this image be any more perfect? I had a box, I was running… plus Len is just awesome…

So… I went to the post office. :| It was not very good… ahaha…

Well, I got the package mailed, but it turns out my guess for the weight was super off… 350g? 576g! Ugh, nendoroids only weigh like 300g… does cardboard and bubblewrap and a bit of newspaper really weight that much? I had to run back home to get some more money… >____> Two walks… with hills. I was exhausted by the fourth way, at least it was the last. I guess its a lesson learnt… bring the whole wallet, and guesstimate better. XD

by ephtracy

More Len goodness~ :D

(also, I do have good news, I’m very happy that Amiami is continuing their sale, as I have Reimu figutto ordered, I hope she comes out soon!)

(also I was able to buy a wig for cosplay, so I’m happy about that…)

2 Responses

  1. Who will you be cosplaying as?

    as for running up hills… not the best thing to do when you’re exited for something… kinda drags the exitement right out of you… (unless it pumps you up…)

    • Reisen from Touhou~ :D Purple hair and bunny ears, yay. XD

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