vocaloid race queens

First off… happy Pi day~ lol. <3

I got these yesterday. Cuter than expected, but they definitely have a gigantic con in the stands…

Luka was the main reason I bought the set. When I first saw this, I thought it would be part of the blind box ones, and I figured I could just pick it up on Ebay. But, then I learn of it being exclusive, did not want. However, when I got an email from BigPfeiffer asking if I was interested in preordering a set, I gave it some thought and decided to buy them.

Luka is my favourite of the set for sure… at first, when she was announced oh so long ago, I didn’t like her, but she grew on me, as seen in this rather old post.

Miku’s figure is also really cute, and her ability to use the twintails to stand up… omg, seriously…

These things CAN NOT stand up.

The stands don’t even work, I can’t get the little balls in Miku and Rin’s backs, and Luka, I can sort of get it in but she’s kind of floating…

Actually with this angle, you can’t really tell she’s floating, but you can see that the umbrella has no where to go…


Rin is not as bad looking as she was in the official photos, especially when holding her umbrella. Too bad the stand doesn’t go in… -eye roll-

Also, one of her legs fell out. :| I put some white tack in there, I assume it will stay.

Swapped with my two Tsukasa petits. Miku in pink LS uniform is too cute.

More. :D

Now, Vocaloid and Lucky Star are tied as my most owned series in my figure collection.

Definitely prefer Lucky Star though, and especially Tsukasa. Tsukasa is still the character I own the most figures of, and I want even more~ :D

But, the thing is, I am really running out of space.

This new set, I had no idea where to put them… :(

I actually recently rearranged my room, putting away a few other figures, but ugh, it’s so impossible.

I’d sell more, but idk, it just seems kind of wrong. Even if they are ones who are just sitting away, and I don’t even like the character all that much…

Miku on iBook~ :D

Kagami says buy more Lucky Star stuff?

…and more Peeps.

99 CENTS. <3

Need to go back and buy like ten boxes.

5 Responses

  1. So lovely pics Marsmallowpie!! And the bodies interchange are great!!!
    My only reason for that set was Rin, but the deformed arm made me retreat. But I hope to find them as a good deal sometime far of this year (Ryofuko ate almost all my budget).
    So nice video too!

  2. Fave. picture was the Rin in the summer uniform. I’ve got to try out that combo when I eventually get around to buying petits. =3 (The winter uniform also fit miku, but not as well as SummerxRin because of the Yellow ribbon.)

    • oh yeah- and Peeps are love. =3

  3. I want this set too!! How much did you pay for them? (@@.

    • $52, from a local store. Good luck in finding them, they are really cute.

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