my wig :O

So… I got my wig today… I don’t really know what to say about it. It’s okay, darker than I thought, but I guess it will do. Also, kind of messy, and a pain to put on. Although I probably don’t need to say it, I’m kind of turned off to buying more wigs. Even right now, I can still feel it on my head, lol.

It’s kind of funny to see it though… instead of normal brown hair, having very long purple hair. :’D

Also, about this photo… fail editing! :D

2 Responses

  1. Is it Windows 7 paint? Looks like it.

    Long wigs are a pain. the short ones are a LOT better (Not as messy.)

    • Yup, that thing is really confusing. XD I’ve been using virtual machines just to use the original a few times.

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