My newest, most awful obsession. No, not TEXTp. No, not even this video that the screencap was taken from, but the series it’s comes from. Well, it’s not like that is in the actual thing, but yeah, whatever. It’s related. Well, more than that… moving on…

Would just love to say, TEXTp is love. I hope they keep it, but if not, I’ve been recording all my favourite stuff with Hypercam… ahaha. :P

I hate how people are calling it ASCII art though. :| I guess it sort of is, but idk…

Also, my stuff from Mandarake shipped today, I guess I’ll get it next week. I really regret making the purchase, I spent like $45 for two books (one 24 page doujin, and a 160p book which I guess is an anthology of manga and illustrations), a pencil board (that’s what I think it is lol…) and a keychain… but I can’t wait, ALICE~ <3

(yeah, it’s all touhou stuff. :P)


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