I don’t want to call it a rant…

‘Cos, I just made one, right… well, these aren’t really rants, more like expressions of annoyance. Or something. Idk, I’m just doing a fail job of covering it up… just as fail as the above picture fails at making sense. Keine with a Furby, Toro, and a squid? It’s a super cute picture though. :D

Anyway, tomorrow, I think you’ll be seeing a good post, my Mandarake gets, I hope will come…

Unless you full view it, you probably can’t read it, but it doesn’t matter, I just want to get it out…

I really hate, like really really hate, when people like some place else more than their home. Now, obviously, this hate comes from weaboos. :| But, it doesn’t just apply to you like Japan more than your own country. It doesn’t even have to be the country. Just any area. But, yeah, this annoyed me… :P

First, even forgetting them preferring Ontario, they said “no offence”. Which I feel is the most awful phrase ever. It’s like you’re holding up a sign saying “just in case you can’t tell, this is an insult, but I don’t mean anything by it”, which in that case, maybe you should just not say it at all? Can’t you just say, “Ontario is a nice place to live”?

Once, I was wearing a tokidoki shirt, and so was a sort-of-friend’s sister. And then this one friend says that she likes hers more than mine. I didn’t care. But she added “no offence”. Why do I care if she likes her shirt better? I bought mine because I liked it, she probably bought hers because she liked it. :P

Anyway, yeah, as I said, needed to get rid of that.

Also, in happier (?) news, this blog is awesome;


I’ve always enjoyed that sort of thing, never knew it had a name though.

Fascinating really, especially so with my current watching of Star Trek TOS, which is pretty much that… :]

It’s also the reason why I have so much love for the iMac G3 and iBook Clamshell; they’re the past and the future all at once. The G4 iMac also kind of has this charm, but not as much. I’ll always remeber the shock of the first time I ever saw an iMac G3. It was like, this is not how a computer should be.


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  1. With the “no offence” thing, I know what you mean. It’s like; Sorry, I’m going to say something offensive, and I may not mean it to be, but It still will be.

    I figured this out when I was in 4th grade from someone saying “No offence, but your mother’s OLD.” When they didn’t know that She had had 6 kids. >.<

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