mandarake loot

Her is my loot from Mandarake~ :’D Which was taxed. :(

I’m really sad / annoyed about that… $18 shouldn’t be taxed! I thought it was at $20 things got taxed… maybe it’s different with DHL? Actually, seems like every time I get taxed, it’s when something is shipped by DHL… hmm.

Anyway, yay, MariAli~ those two are my favourite characters in Touhou. It’s because of them I found it, way back in 2007, I found an AMV of Haruhi and Marisa Stole the Precious Thing. I was really amazed with the music, I mean, it’s on nearly the same level as Miko Miko Nurse. :’D When I discovered it was a game, and one generally regarded as being pretty hard, I was n0t interested. But I still liked these two characters a lot.

Later, in 2008, I think, there was a Touhou anime episode created by a group called MAIKAZE, I’m sure everyone knows that, and I watched it out of curiosity, and boredom too. It made me familiar with some of the other characters… eventually, we got to the point when a lot of Touhou figures started being made, like by Griffon, and that introduced even more characters to me. Recently, I became more of a fan of Touhou, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I even started playing the games a few months ago, they are kind of overrated, but reading the dialouge (thank you, translators!) did make me like certain characters more, and like characters who I didn’t even know existed, like Keine.

I really like this book. Well, I can’t really read it, but the art is pretty interesting. The quality of the art really differs, it’s kind of nice to see some that isn’t OMGCRAZYAMAZING… maybe some of the not-so-great artists have improved since this book was made (May 20th, 2007), but I like that I can relate to the skill of some of it… if that makes much sense. I really like the cover art too, the kind of older style. For some reason, despite the much shorter hair, I can’t help but think of Sailor Venus. XD (childhood anime though, I’ve always preferred the ‘mons. :D)

In this book, there are comics…

…illustrations (and more comics)…

…and sadly, written stories. Well, there are only like three or four of these, so it’s not bad, but it would be nice to have some idea of what it’s about.

Best two pages in the book! :D I love how not only is it all in English, it’s all in capitals. Plus, it’s got that Patchy robot who is strange but insanely awesome.

The second image in two days that I have seen of a Touhou character and a Furby? What?

This is the other book. Unlike the first one, this one is only thin, 24 pages. But, it has very cute art.

It’s printed in purple too! :D But, it’s kind of boring and I really don’t know what is happening… XD

I wonder if there is a translation out there anywhere…

Reisen charm… it’s actually doesn’t look much like her, and I wonder if they made her TOO cute, but I like it.

This, I don’t even know what it is. XD I thought it was a pencil board, but it’s way too small. But it’s bigger than like, a credit card. The art is nice though. :D

5 Responses

  1. Good spotting on Mandarake! Did you buy the bits seperately or as one of the ‘manga goods’ job lots that they sell?

    • They were all separate (although from the same location); never knew they did lots, might have to look at that for future purchases there.

  2. phone card maybe? Can’t tell.

    I possess no native work at all. I’m too lazy to try to translate on my own -.-;

  3. The Reisen charm is cute ^.^

  4. I think i prefer manga books in gray instead of purple buth you got a very cool loot.
    Me cant read them either. ;)

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