animinitime schedule

Hooray, it’s posted! Well, I think it was posted yesterday, but I didn’t see. Anyway, this is probably what I’ll be doing. Green squares are basically just sit around, shop, see cosplayers, attempt to make a friend, idk. Also, I don’t know about the last two hours, if I’d be able to stay that long. I guess the closing ceremony is not that super important. XD I hope it will be fun and I hope I can enjoy it to its fullest potential. :)

Now, here are some Pikachu I drew. :’D

Random story, yesterday I was listening to my iPod, and my friend said, “I saw that.” like wanting to be the very best like no one ever was,was something to be ashamed of, because I was listening to 2.B.A. Master. But, I think she owns the CD. :’P Also, the day before that, I found a printed picture of a Pachiritsu. Even if he’s fourth gen, he’s kind of cute. :3

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  1. I can’t believe there’s actually a How to Draw Hentai event. I’d stop by just for the laughs XD

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