I’m back?

Sakura Haruno from Wandaba Style. I love how she has the exact same name as the Naruto character.

I haven’t been here in forever… over a month. The truth is, I have nothing to write about. It’s been a while since I’ve bought anything. I think the last thing I bought was Star Trek’s first season? I need to buy the rest of those. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Star Trek, it’s so fantastic. It really opened my mind to all these references I never saw before. And well, it’s just awesome. I love those “special” effects. I want to find more garbage old sci-fi stuff like that. :’D But then I worry that if I did, it might do to Star Trek what Star Trek did to Star Wars for me; shift my obsessions.

One other obsession I have right now is Pokémon. :D That started with Rumble, and I started playing that way back, before Christmas even, but I asked for Heart Gold for my birthday gift, now one whole month ago, and it’s a lot of good fun to be playing Pokémon again. The only thing is, I don’t have my own DS, I’m boring my sister’s, which is also often used by my Mum as well. Neither of them really use it that much… oh, until they bought a new game. So, I don’t have much chance to play anymore, guess I’ll wait until they get bored with their game. Well, only thing I really need to do is beat Red, but I still need to level up my Pokémon a lot.

I’m thinking maybe, to be able to play Pokémon, and maybe some other games too, I should get a GBA. :’D I used to have one, but I was stupid and sold it a couple years ago. And what did I buy with the money? An iPod Touch, and that makes it all the worse. I have a love/hate thing with Apple. Some crazy beautiful designs in the past, like the iBook Clamshell, the matching iMac and Power Macintosh G3s, and the G4s too. But then there are a few I think are REALLY UGLY (All in one Performa, I don’t know why I hate it but I just do.). Also, Mac OS uses weird keyboard shortcuts. I always forget how to do force quit, so I just press a bunch of buttons that I think bring up the dialog for force quit. FQ never really seems to work for me though, when I click “force quit” in the dialog, it just freezes. Mac OS, or at least 9 seems so unstable…

If you love Macs, fine, but I’ll never be able to stand them, completely.

I did buy an AirPort card though. <3 Finally. Too bad IE4.5 messes up nearly every page (I’ll have to restrict browsing to Reocities?) and iCab is insanely slow. I wonder how an Opera of the time would do. I like Opera. Not as much as Chrome, but it’s good.

Did Griffon Enterprise make a figure from Magical Meow Meow Taruto? It showed up in my Search Engine Terms… I couldn’t find anything though.

Speaking of figures, Kotobukiya’s Ruri should come out this month! :D Can’t wait!

New anime soon… I was kind of interested in Asobi ni Iku yo! but I am trying to read the manga and it feels kind of boring, but I don’t really like reading scanlations, it isn’t the same as having a book in your hand, that’s always better. I’ll at least try to watch the opening, I guess? If I remember.

I kind of want to buy some more doujinshi. But, I’m kind of afraid of a huge shipping cost from Mandarake. Last time, shipping cost more than the things I bought. But, one of the books was a collection of various stories, it was a lot thicker and heavier than the typical short doujin, they seem to usually be 24 or 28 pages. So, if I just bought those, maybe it would be okay. If I ordered some stuff from Mandarake, I would like to buy some of these too maybe. If I did, it’s like 50/50 chance I get a character I like. Alice is my absolute favourite, and I like Youmu and Yuyuko a lot too. I don’t really like the one of Youmu though. The other characters I don’t like at all, I really dislike Yukari. If I got Yukari then I’d have to use it. DESTROY YUKARI. :’D Chen is okay, I guess, and I don’t have any feelings positive or negative about Ran.

Anyway, tl;dr, as this post really is…

Star Trek is rad.

Pokémon is too.

Macintoshes sometimes are, except when they aren’t.

Touhou erasers.

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  1. Yes, Star Trek is rad.

    So are Macs. (For “force quit,” I just hold down the power button for a couple of seconds.)

    We MISS YOU at Pinky-Street.com!!!

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