Okay, quick useless pointless post, but I am disappointed. TB is okay with doujin figures and kits, but not doujin goods? I think this is rather ridculous. Of course, I’m not going to get too bothered by it, there’s nothing I can do, and truth is, I don’t care that much, I’m kind of out of the whole thing anyway, but I do admit, I have a bit of caring because it doesn’t make any sense. :|

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  1. 3 months ago :O You’ve abandonned us! >: |

  2. abandoned oops.

  3. Yeah, haven’t been on here in forever… partially because I don’t have much relevant stuff to post (though I have gotten two new figureS) and partially out of laziness. :\

  4. There’s always — that might help you start caring about stuff again. ;-)

    You DO remember Pinky:st… right?

    Come by, say hi sometime.

    ‘Kay, bye. – D.

    • oh lol… old comment, but just saw this now. haven’t been there in forever. I have been somewhat keeping up with the new releases though.

  5. I miss this blog

    • who are you omg aww

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