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November 29, 2014



i cant believe someone went on my blog in 2014 and wrote a comment

here are some things that have changed since i wrote this blog ok im not fourteen anymore i graduated senior high and college had a job at spencers for a year quit now im working at a grocery store (boring!) i went to a bunch of cons including anime north cosplayed a lot bought a playstation tv and project diva f 2nd soon i’ll buy the senran kagura vita games but i actually still need to finish crimson girls. also somehow i became a huge shonen jump fan i started reading assassination classroom in may 2013 then about a year ago i jokingly decided to watch all 220 episodes of the original naruto and totally fell in love with it all over again. at the start of january i started watching the nisekoi anime and at the end of january i started reading world trigger and its maybe my biggest love right now? even tho the anime is kind of bad haha usami is my wife tho we are totally married its REAL ok bye