My name is Lauren. I’m fourteen, and highly misanthropic. But I love anime figures, even if I’m not much of an anime fan. I’ve completed just over 20 anime, with some others I’ve seen parts of, but became bored. :| I like really silly, stupid, awful anime. My favourite anime is Di Gi Charat, but an even better example? I thought Akikan! was amazing. :P

My other love is 90’s computers. I own an iBook G3 Clamshell, in Blueberry (3GBHDD/32MBRAM/300MHz) but that is it, I’ve got no room for anything else. If I could though, I’d like a big, bulky beige thing… :) Anything Windows 9x please. I even love ME. :D


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(yes, I’m not so consistent with names. :P)

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  1. Kodomo no Jikan was so awesome LOL.

    • Definitely. XD The new OVA is really cute too, especially the ending song.

  2. How are you? I’m George. I believe i had contacted you before regarding a banner exchange. i’m wondering would you be interested in doing a banner exchange with you. drop me a message if you are okay with it. Cheers!

  3. Add your blog to my blogroll ^^


    • Added. ^^

  4. Hello,

    I am looking for some anime artwork done for the site, if you would know anyone could you please have them contact me for details and what they would be looking for as compensation :)

    Thanks again, Lovely site you have…
    Mr. Deek

  5. I believe that consuming media in one place also helps with understanding media consumed elsewhere. At least if you watch/consume enough, and in enough fields.

    After a while, patterns begin to emerge, and you can take lessons from anime to apply when reading books, and vice versa.

    So don’t think of it, “I’ve only watched 20 anime”, and think of it as “I’ve been private to 20 more media examples”, and keep your mind open and think as you watch regular English TV :)

    • …..what? XD

      • Even if you don’t watch a lot of anime, if you consume enough media (books, movies, TV series), it can help one view anime better.

        BTW, Lauren, I suggest tying your blog’s URL to your name, so when you comment on others’ blogs, they could click your name and end up here.

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