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mandarake loot
April 6, 2010

Her is my loot from Mandarake~ :’D Which was taxed. :(

I’m really sad / annoyed about that… $18 shouldn’t be taxed! I thought it was at $20 things got taxed… maybe it’s different with DHL? Actually, seems like every time I get taxed, it’s when something is shipped by DHL… hmm.

Anyway, yay, MariAli~ those two are my favourite characters in Touhou. It’s because of them I found it, way back in 2007, I found an AMV of Haruhi and Marisa Stole the Precious Thing. I was really amazed with the music, I mean, it’s on nearly the same level as Miko Miko Nurse. :’D When I discovered it was a game, and one generally regarded as being pretty hard, I was n0t interested. But I still liked these two characters a lot.

Later, in 2008, I think, there was a Touhou anime episode created by a group called MAIKAZE, I’m sure everyone knows that, and I watched it out of curiosity, and boredom too. It made me familiar with some of the other characters… eventually, we got to the point when a lot of Touhou figures started being made, like by Griffon, and that introduced even more characters to me. Recently, I became more of a fan of Touhou, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I even started playing the games a few months ago, they are kind of overrated, but reading the dialouge (thank you, translators!) did make me like certain characters more, and like characters who I didn’t even know existed, like Keine.


new-ish gets
March 5, 2010

Oh look! More Nadesico obsession… also, header = Nadesico, but also there is a Jawa and my iBook, which is so much more important to me than any anime thing… XD  I kind of don’t like it because of the cropping and stuff… might re-do it… XD

Anyway, yeah, first is the Taruto DVD, because I don’t have much to say about it. It’s the last one… I got it for free. Didn’t watch it yet, I’m not in a huge rush, Taruto isn’t really a great show, but its kind of good for just something to laugh at, make fun of a little. Like I said earlier, it was something I wanted to see for a long time.

Yurika plush, its cute, cheap… smaller than I expected though.  Also, one of the shoes is kind of dirty… this is like almost 12 years old though. I love buying old stuff like this, its the second oldest anime item I own, first is the Saint Tail calculator, which is so impractical due to that it always needs to be in direct sunlight, so I don’t use it, it’s just sitting in my desk drawer.

Another get I didn’t really post here… Fury³! I’m so happy to own this, I love this game so much! Was only $15 with free shipping too… maybe a lot of people would think that’s too much for some old game like that, but I’m really happy with getting it. Need F!Zone now… I’ve never actually played those levels. Also, I’d love to have a boxed version. :3

October 1, 2009


Loot from Yahoo! Auctions JP… of course I had to use a proxy. : P Two items, Tokyo Mew Mew Strawberry Bell Bell and a little Saint Tail calculator.


September 12, 2009


Oh wow. D: One more reason for me to hate J-List/Box. Not only is this bootleg, it’s more expensive than most original ones, which are usually 3000-4000 yen. Honestly…

Also, Chara High is making a Plug dakimakura cover…

Too bad I think the image sucks. :(

August 26, 2009


Hooray~ got my July stuff today! Yeah, it’s like, the end of August, but SAL shipping and e-cheques = things comes slowly. Very slowly.

(btw, this is kinda picture-heavy. :P )


need. just need.
August 12, 2009


Oh wow~ just found this, and need. I may already have a Tama-nee dakimakura on her way, but this is need. Too bad it is/was exclusive to Comiket 76 (don’t know if that happened yet, lol, the only event I keep up with is WF.) Ugh, this and those Christmas Tama-nee and Manaka… makes me wish I didn’t have Saber Lily and Black Rock Shooter coming up… D: GSC, seriously, I wish you guys stuck with making crappy figures like you did back in 2004!! D:

super random post, but…
June 12, 2009

BOK-2049I preordered a dakimakura~ Tama-nee! So cute, and it’s a magazine one! I love magazine dakimakura covers~ they’re even cheaper than those rubbish bootleg ones, hah.

(omn, though, I hate bootleg dakimakura cover so much. People buy them ‘cos they’re cheap, but they don’t think, isn’t they’re a catch? If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Buying fake dakimakura cover, you aren’t supporting the person who took the time to create the quality artwork that you see on them; whether created by a doujin artist, or someone who actually works for the eroge or anime company, you’re just supporting some failure with no life and nothing better to do than make stupid fakes.)

Black Rock Shooter Goods GET
June 10, 2009


Got my Black Rock Shooter mug and notebook today!


March 21, 2009


As if the figure wasn’t bad enough… COSPA decides to come out with some BRS goods…