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April 21, 2010

Something new I got today… Tsukasa, one of my most favourite anime characters, and the character who I have the most figures of, I have five Tsukasa. :D I don’t really have much to say about this figure, I bought her at Anime Sekai, they are pretty good, sort of expensive, but when you consider that most of their stuff is kind of hard to find, I guess it is worth it, and they are really the only store I know of besides Big Pfeiffer that sells trading figures separatly.

Five Tsukasa~ :D

r-r-rant: another rant :3
March 21, 2010

This time, no, it’s not about hypocritical lolicon… have some Marisa anyway… well, okay not like she’s loli, but w/e moving on~

(and besides my last rant was about Daiki :P)

Okay, I just found out something terrible. :(


Figutto Reimu and Marisa that is… I just found out, it’s really disappointing.

This means… my June orders will come to 10380!

Also, I was considering ordering Clayz Alice, but that would make it 18360.

Ugh… current order will mean like, $30 in custom tax, and with Alice too… I don’t want to think about it.


vocaloid race queens
March 14, 2010

First off… happy Pi day~ lol. <3

I got these yesterday. Cuter than expected, but they definitely have a gigantic con in the stands…


mio :D
February 2, 2010

Got her… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but EMS sucks. :| ‘Cos you get taxed, and actually have to go to the post office, instead of them just leaving the box, and, uhh, yeah. :|

Seriously though, I’m regretting all my Amiami orders. SAL at Amiami is no good anyway, it’s registered so it’d be the same, except slower. Registered SAL isn’t even that cheap. I wish I could cancel stuff from Amiami, it’s really tempting to just forget about all my orders from there, and get Ruri from some place else, and pretend Touhou doesn’t even exist anymore…

…okay, on to the figure.


figure stuff <3
January 20, 2010

Well, today, it seems like a lot of figures were announced, and a lot were pretty interesting…

First is Kotobukiya’s Ruri… I really love Nadesico, but my favourite character is Yurika, who has only two figures… three if you count a colour variation of one of them. Ruri, however… according to Tsuki, there are eighteen figures of her. (btw, both of those numbers are completed models only, I won’t count trading figures and GKs because I’m not interested in that.) Still, this figure is really cute, and maybe, just maybe Koto could please, please, please release a figure of Yurika?

Then we have two new Figutto! Too bad they look awful. Sasara’s hair is way too blonde, and Kanu kind of has that face that you see on way too many Griffon figures. I have to say, I’m really worried that Alice, Konomi or Patchy could turn out really badly. :|

Sora is a character who I’m only familiar with through figures, but I like her character design a lot. This figure is nice, sweet pose, great colouring, lots of detail in her hair… but, I really expected her to be wearing a white swimsuit. If Koto makes a white version, or if I can find this on sale, I’d probably buy it.

Last, Ichigo by Alpha Max. Not a bad looking figure, although I definitely wouldn’t buy it. However, the reason I’m posting her… it’s a little late for Christmas, isn’t it? May release?

It’s too bad this figure wasn’t by GSC, with all the delays, it would come out for Christmas ’10 then. :)

P.S. Koto… ugh when is Mio coming out??

dorkiest thing ever (to me), dvd gets, and some other stuff
December 8, 2009

I love this picture so much~ :D So pretty~

Okay, yeah, typical random crap post… :P

Anyway, it’s just as the title (so long!!) says.


November 15, 2009


So want. Had not really cared about this one, since I’m not a huge Touhou fan (Marisa, Alice and Patchy, that’s it.) but finished, she looks so sweet!

Also, now price and size for Figyutto! :D

Not so bad. Konomi, I had decided I would get no matter what, probably will get Tamaki uniform version also. If they make a swimsuit Konomi, have to buy swimsuit Tamaki too…

Then if they come out with Marisa, Alice and/or Patchouli, probably get.

I’m probably thinking ahead too much, but anyhow, I’ll definitely get this (thank you in advance, Ami Ami! :D) and Konomi… :3

griffon treasure festa: awesome
October 13, 2009


Konomi action figure~ :D I don’t even like action figures, but wtf, it’s Konomi. :P


Tamaki looks fantastic though… so hopefully Konomi will be good too…

If only the price and size could be found…

(also, mellowcreme = love.)

daiki: a rant about price tags
October 10, 2009


Figure collecting isn’t cheap. We all know that. For my seven scale figures, I have paid nearly $400 Canadian.

But, newly announced by Daiki, is a 1/4 Ryomou, with a price worth more than my entire scale figure collection.

It’s not the first time they’ve had a ridiculously over priced figure, see their 1/4 Saber. :P

But, Saber seems like a bargain at 28350 yen, versus Ryomou’s 45000.

But what really gets me is Seyada Tara. She’s also 1/4, and was released last year for 29000 yen. Pretty bad, but at least this figure had the light-up gimmick. As well, she’s also cast-off.

(the GK versions of both the Ryomou and Saber are cast-off, but whether the PVC versions are too is unknown.)

But then, Daiki isn’t the only one with ridiculous prices. What about GSC? Honestly, why, why why should I have to pay 9800 yen for Saber Lily and BRS? I will, because I preordered them, I guess it’s only right to purchase them, (Can’t say I’ll keep them though…) but neither of them are so fantastic as to have to pay that much. :|

However, I can’t be too mean to GSC, because at least they can price their 1/4 scales properly. Their swimsuit Nanoha and Fate, both much cuter than all three of those Daiki figures put together (okay, maybe not Tara, lol. :P ) only cost 12000 yen.

FREEing has good prices too… the Haruhi bunnies are 9800 yen or 11800 yen, Kojikan girls are also 11800, and Lucky Star are 11800 yen for Konata (which makes no sense, all the other FREEing LS girls are pretty bad looking. :\ ) and 12800 for the others. Okay, some of FREEing’s sculpts are pretty crap to me, but the Haruhi ones are all really nice, especially Ryoko, and Konata is pretty cute too.

And hey, none of FREEing (or GSC’s for that matter) are as ridiculously overpriced.

October 3, 2009


I am a terrible person. I said I should maybe sell a couple figures… (I am seriously running out of space. I actually have a good amount, but I really don’t want every square centimetre of my room covered in anime stuff)  but before I even think about picking who should go… I buy another.

You see, last night, we had to go pick up my Dad from work in Halifax… and we go on Robie St… and past Quantum Frontier, and I see the lights on in there, and I just have this urge to go. So today I did. And while I didn’t think I would come out with a figure, I did.

They had a few new figures since the last time I went there… Ignis by Yamato, a pantsu exposing Hakufu, Kotone and Serio from the original To Heart, as well as some others. I was considering the To Heart girls, but then I saw Asa at the bottom. I just had to turn around her box and take a look at the price. At $50, I couldn’t let her go… : D