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July 3, 2009


Another thing to inflict extreme happiness!

JAST USA is going to be releasing nitro+ eroge! Yay~ this is amazing news seeing as, well… most of JAST USA’s games are garbage. They’re stupid and tacky. “Cosplay Fetish Academy”? “Do You Like Horny Bunnies?”? “Slave Pageant”? Ugh… Okay, some of their games look okay, even good, Downhill Night has pretty art, and Hourglass of Summer looks like it could be fun (it’s just a visual novel though).

Also, it’s great that Nitro+ is doing this, actually giving foreigners this access to their games, not only translated, but probably uncensored too!

fuck you equality now… fuck you
June 23, 2009



I’m sure everyone knows about the garbage from the brainless idiots at Equality Now… but even though I’m an eroge fan, I didn’t think it would affect me, since I don’t like stuff like Illusion’s games… but I guess not.

I’m reading the blogs on Tsuki-Board’s aggregator, and I see this, “ef collection show off”. Anyway, I really like ef, the CGs are gorgeous, and the anime was spectacular. Oh, and the game’s OP movie! Amazing stuff by Shinkai Makoto.

Anyway, so I was looking at the picture there, of De-Jay‘s ef collection, and it’s pretty stunning. Go, go take a look at it! Anyway, scroll down through the text I can’t read and I see this screencap, of what the minori HP looks like to foreign users. Blank white background, with this text;

minori official website.
This website cannot be browsed excluding Japan.

Some foreigners seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE.
Therefore, We prohibited the access from foreign countries, to defend our culture.
Sorry for you of the fan that lives in a foreign country.

minori Inc.

Well… I’m sure we know what that’s refering to… seriously though, this makes me rage harder than the fake Saber Lily! Stupid femnazis! :<

(also, I think I need to make a rant category… aha…)

(also, LEAF! Please, please don’t do this too! You guys are my favourite eroge company ever!)