July 30, 2009


Came back from my trip to Ontario yesterday… was okay. Too long, two weeks is way too long to be spent away from home. Well, that’s just to me, since I love Nova Scotia so much, but w/e… and eh, wasn’t all bad, ‘cos I finally bought Kotobukiya’s Nagi~


ronery ronery! +nagi
June 24, 2009


I have always wanted to take one of these photos… XD

Also, finally got Nagi nendo today!


Pure Neemo Nagi!!
May 23, 2009


Oh my… Nagi.


Pure Neemo Nagi and Zange?
April 27, 2009


(Picture source: Danny Choo) (Flickr)

Japanese dolls… I used to like them, a few years ago, but nowadays, pfft don’t care. I don’t know. I really wanted a BJD, but back then I didn’t have any source of money other than $5 a week allowance… ended up getting a Pullip and customised with a new wig and body, but blargh, never really loved her like I did Pinky:st or any other figures. This may not make too much sense, but dolls are troublesome. Especially Jun Planning’s garbage quality, but I guess that’s why their figures are distributed by Taki Corparation. XD

But anyway these are Azone, and Azone has great stuff. Actually, the new body was Azone/Obitsu, soft-bust, great posability, no sqeaking, not floppy, just perfect. Well, these are Pure Neemo, and Pure Neemo bodies are mostly for looks than posability. But anyway, it’s Nagi, so I don’t care, and I have faith in Azone for making a good looking Nagi. See their Yuno’s sweet face! My only fear though… greasy looking hair; maybe that’s just the photos, but I think Yuno’s hair looks so greasy! Also, Zange… mostly, Pure Neemo are very DFC bodies, but Zange is not. There is the F type body with more of a chest, but it looks terrible! Eh, I don’t care about Zange, but a flat Zange is like a flat Tama-nee!