April 21, 2010

Something new I got today… Tsukasa, one of my most favourite anime characters, and the character who I have the most figures of, I have five Tsukasa. :D I don’t really have much to say about this figure, I bought her at Anime Sekai, they are pretty good, sort of expensive, but when you consider that most of their stuff is kind of hard to find, I guess it is worth it, and they are really the only store I know of besides Big Pfeiffer that sells trading figures separatly.

Five Tsukasa~ :D

June 1, 2009



Random post, but I am very happy! Canadian dollar is at nearly .92 American~ finally! I was scared I wouldn’t see a good dollar until like, summer 2010! Now, a nendoroid with HLJ’s discount is $42! I can’t believe it! Well, $42 is how much I bought Rin from BigPfeiffer, and Kaito was even less, but they’re just awesome like that. :D

Anyway to celebrate, Tsukasa my favourite nendo!

(too bad I don’t have any money though…)

Second Tsukasa picture below~


Tsukasa Nendo get~
March 30, 2009


The most moeness that ever will exsist… Tsukasa!


Hiiragi… triplets?
December 9, 2008

Hiiragi… triplets? [edit], originally uploaded by ♦♣ Marshmallow in Wonderland ♠♥.

Haven’t really posted in a while… ^^
Yesterday though I got my Kagamin figma, super super cute!
She has the cutest of all the figma yet I think.
One big difference I felt with her compared to the others was how bulky she is.
I know Actar mentioned it in his review of Konata.
Really, that bulkiness is what ruins her though, it limits the movement a lot, I felt like I’d break her so easily.
Actually, I did.
I’m the worst with figma I think, I broke Miku’s arm, I broke Kagami’s arm.
Hope it doesn’t happen to Konata or Lelouch.
Oh well, nothing a little superglue can’t fix. ;P