August 18, 2009


Not good at finding pictures, so here’s a nice Reimu by Nishimata Aoi of Navel…

Okay, so I was on HLJ, looking at stuff, and I saw this…


That’s for a 1700yen item. $19! I knew it was doing better, the dollar, but that much better? How bad is yen right now? XD I hope when Saber Lily comes out, it’s this good. (As of right now, 9800yen = $103)

Stay! Stay! Stay! Stay!

Fail yen, fail! Shrink and fail!

(also, I wish the yen was like this when I paid for tama-nee and mugi, that was 8480, and I paid $100.)

(also, have been playing with Windows 3.1, interesting. Hate that you have to run it over DOS though, it was sorta hard to find a good DOS, especially since downloading all of the .imgs for 3.1 used up all of my Vetusware downloads. (two of which I didn’t even need!) But, 3.1 is cute. Doesn’t beat 95, though, and I’m so glad Program Manager is no longer used, feels like another one of those things they had to make computer use easier to normal people. (like BOB. But MS Bob is serious fun. :D)