Al~ :D
August 15, 2009


Too burning hot out to write anything (we don’t have a/c, and there isn’t a fan in this room, and all our fans are ceiling fans, so I can’t bring one in), but anyway Al Azif nendo is mine! :D

ibook get~
July 9, 2009


Finally here!

(also, I say get too much in my post titles…)


ronery ronery! +nagi
June 24, 2009


I have always wanted to take one of these photos… XD

Also, finally got Nagi nendo today!


June 1, 2009



Random post, but I am very happy! Canadian dollar is at nearly .92 American~ finally! I was scared I wouldn’t see a good dollar until like, summer 2010! Now, a nendoroid with HLJ’s discount is $42! I can’t believe it! Well, $42 is how much I bought Rin from BigPfeiffer, and Kaito was even less, but they’re just awesome like that. :D

Anyway to celebrate, Tsukasa my favourite nendo!

(too bad I don’t have any money though…)

Second Tsukasa picture below~


Kokonoe Rin nendo get~ :3
May 10, 2009


I love Kojikan. I don’t care what anyone says, it has a story, and Rin has reasons. I think it’s kind of obvious. She doesn’t really have anyone who loves her, so she trys to catch the attention of the teacher (whose name I always forget).  But as for shows like Kanokon? I don’t watch them, but does Chizuru have any reason other than to please ronery otaku and sell character goods? 

Probably not, although I must admit, I love Kotobukiya’s Chizuru figure. She looks so cute, although it’s a shame she doesn’t come with bare arms, it makes the cast-off kinda ridiculous.

But I don’t have her, probably never will. Here’s a figure I do have though, my latest get, nendo Kokonoe Rin~ 


Kaito getto~
April 19, 2009


I got him~ actually, I wasn’t going to get him, ‘cos I didn’t like the third face. (too GAR, not moe enough.) But then BigPfeiffer had one for sale, so I had to buy him.


Tsukasa Nendo get~
March 30, 2009


The most moeness that ever will exsist… Tsukasa!


Junjou Nendoroids… Misaki image!
February 26, 2009

Wow~ Misaki’s image was posted at Tsuki-Board! I don’t know where Yakumo got it, as it wasn’t on the page at Chara-Ani, but whatever! Normally, I don’t really think of guys as moe, but Misaki is so moe~! Nice Tsun-tsun face, would be perfect for Hiroki. AUGH I WANT A HIROKI NENDOROID… WITH GLASSES AND A BOOK AND A THROWING ARM. And then there needs to be a full sized Misaki too, with some sort of pose where he’s ducking or something. XD

Anyway~ that’s all, BLARGH I WISH I PREORDERED THEM. ;____________; DAMN LIMITEDS!! D:

Junjou Romantica Nendoroids!
January 7, 2009

AkihikoWow, I was so shocked when I saw this on Tsuki-Board! Junjou Romantica Petit Nendoroids! It’s a set of three, Akihiko, Misaki, and Suzuki-san!


October 5, 2008

So, I’ve decided to do a figure blog, because… I don’t know. D:

So here’s Saber.