Winterboard Themes

Here are the Winterboard themes I have made. I am going to start adding them to Cydia, on MMi’s repo, but they can also be found here.


Lucky Star

~On Cydia!~

Includes icons, wallpaper, lockscreen, sliders, and slide-to-unlock text.



Strike Witches

Includes icons (iPod Touch default icons only), Wallpaper (two actually, just rename the second one if you want to use it), dock, sliders, slide-to-unlock text and lock background.


Hatsune Miku

Winterboard theme with icons [two sets, one has the music notes as the iPod Touch’s default docked icons and all others clear, and the other has the iPhone’s default docked icons as music notes with all others clear. The iPod Touch icon set is used by default, for the iPhone ones, delete the icon folder and rename the “iPhoneicons” folder to just “Icons”.], dock, wallpaper and lockscreen.


3 Responses

  1. Haha these are cool. Maybe I should buy an iPod Touch. XP

  2. might work on iphone too ^^

    Too bad iphone price was 4x of my 3G cellphone >.<

    • Yeah, should, although you might have to do some renaming of icons.

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