stuff? (today)


Suzuhira Hiro goth girl~ :D This picture,  I think is pretty well-known, someone even made a GK of it. But, it’s by Suzuhira Hiro, and I love her art. :D

Anyway, post about today… because it was kind of interesting. :|

Well, mostly we did word searches and crosswords and crap today… I really hate when we do “fun” stuff in school. I mean, this is two days in a row that we didn’t have Math… well, that was ‘cos of the Science test, which I did really bad on… :| But today it was for crosswords. And then in the afternoon, last hour is a dance.

A dance… ugh… can’t believe people actually pay to go to these? I’d pay NOT to go. Like, it’s all dark except the stage, no light whatsoever elsewhere… and the music is so loud, that you can’t even hear it. Add in the crowds, and the fact that the music was complete shit (they played Justin Bieber THREE TIMES. “One Time” was played twice, and then there was “One Less Lonely Girl”.) and… wow.

So basically we just stood around… “we” being the usual people I hang around, in order to not be approached by even stranger people… Courtney (not festive. :P Well, the earrings kind of were), Katlyn (looked like a bag of skittles threw up on her, but she was supposed to be this weird version of the Mad Hatter. She was mad alright…), Ali (had fangs. But she’s just kind of scary as it is. :P ), Leah (angel wings + halo.) and Michelle (devil horns)… (btw, me, I had bat wing headband, but it was annoying bcause I had to place it so far back because of my glasses, and it kept falling over, so I had to take it off… but other than that, pretty normal clothes, or at least for me… check skirt, thighhighs… also I had this big scarf. There’s a story, but it can’t really be put into words. And well, also, I wish my shirt buttoned up higher. :P Need to add something to fix that…

There was one kind of funny part though… Zach is this guy that I guess is Leah’s boyfriend, or at least one time, I have no idea really, but anyway he was some army person or something, idk, there was camo, but he had a hat with a light on it, the kind you push, and Courtney is like “stop it! People will know who we are!”. Kind of funny…

Also there was this guy sitting in the corner reading, it’s like, how can you see? But then that’s the same thing I wonder about Ali with her insane fringe and the fact she nearly never wears her glasses… (but then I tried them one time, and they were like the same as nothing. :P )

Hopefully back to normal actually doing school work and not missing Math on Monday… seriously though, of the whole day, the only teacher who gave us any actual work was the French teacher…

(it was about word types (is there are real word for that? like verbs and stuff?) because it seems like no one can tell the difference between a verb and an adjective… )

3 Responses

  1. ah yes. head bands.
    I LOVE how I look in headbands, but my glasses always seem to get in the way somehow. so frustrating.

    and for dances in the dark? I only have had fun at dances if my near-best friends AREN’T there. They always are afraid they’ll be seen, but not in a fun way. It’s almost embarrassing to be with them when they’re like that.

    keep up the spirit!

  2. Her name is Suzuhira Yun nobody ever got it right. ):

  3. OMG I remember those dances!! No one would dance, I remember repressing my urge as a kid to get on the dance floor and do something, just to take away from all that awkwardness ><

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